• I only ever get my hair cut here, i'm always happy with the way my fiance's hair turns out. All of the employees are friendly and inviting. Tony Moreno's is much better than those shitty $5 chop-shops and worth every penny. And they have the skills to back up their beautiful establishment.

  • I have been coming to Tony for a few years now and I honestly don't think it gets better than him! He has taken me from blue/black to red to ombre to a Cruella de Vil look and back to black again, and never once did my hair feel fried or damaged. He tells me straight up that its not going to get there in one try. I also have VERY thick and long hair and I am really picky with cuts, and he never fails!

  • Been going to them for a few years and now I have started bring my 11 and 16yr old daughters. They don't want to go anywhere else. My girls say they have magic hands